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Who are we?
My name is Shawn L. Brixey, and I am the owner of a Computer Consulting and Research company called 01 Research (it's pronounced Zero One as in the binary digits 0 and 1). We do local computer repairs, setup and maintenance of computers, networking, etc. We also have a software division that creates custom software packages for clients worldwide.
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Where are we?
The weather station itself is located 6 miles due south of Rupert, Idaho and 6 miles due east of Burley, Idaho. The view you see from the webcam is actually looking from the Rupert side of the Snake River (North) to the Declo, Idaho side of the river (South). The mountains that are visable in the background are part of the Rocky Mountain's and from left to right the Declo range, the Albion range, and the Oakley range. The big peak you see in the middle is Mount Harrison which to the left of is where the Pomerelle Ski Resort is located. From this vantage point we see most local area weather conditions. For those of you who are wanting to send a bomb or missile our way or just curious the exact weather station location is at: 42.53254 North Latitude and 113.6785 West Longitude. The station altitude is 4150 feet above sea level.

Why do we do this?
Several years ago we designed some real-time weather software and remote telemetry weather stations for a client. Weather info had always been a hobby of mine so I thought that I might as well set up one of these systems in my office. At first the weather data was only available locally on my pc, but then others learned of it and soon I was printing out several weather reports a day for friends and family. This got tiresome very quickly, and so I created a web interface to the local forcasting system. This meant that anyone on the Internet could access the information.

The first version of the software was a little crude but it did work well and was fully automatic and required no outside intervention by me. The second version of the software is now online and is more advanced than even I could have imagined. Version 3 will most likely be the ultimate realtime weather web system once completed.


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