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Latest News:

03/01/00 officially opens to the public!
03/20/00 New High Resolution Ultra Low Light Web Camera put online!
02/19/01 Added a link to the more in depth weather info and weather graphics upcoming in Version 2.0!
09/08/01 Added new Satellite and Radar Views.
09/22/01 New 2.0 weather software is here! I am designing new webpages with expanded weather data which should be online shortly!
10/12/01 Version 2.0 is put online. Most features are currently available. Some are still yet to come!

I am currently working on some ski report and road report aggregation software. Once this software is complete the road reports should be online. A more detailed ski report should be available at that time as well.

About Us page was modified to reflect the current information.


Better ski reports for Idaho resorts are now online courtesy of I will be creating my own software in the future to poll all the local resorts and make my own report, but due to time limitations the current report will have to work.

I also added Road Conditions for several surrounding states for you winter travelers.

12/06/01 Hydromet reports are offline until the US DOI web sites have been audited. More info is available on this here.
12/14/01 The wind speed reports have been incorrect for the last few days so I rebuilt the wind speed sensor. The reports are once again accurate. I am sorry for all of you who rely on the wind speed info for it's inaccuracies.
03/06/02 The Hydromet Reports are once again avalable!
02/04/03 After working for three months to get the new 5-day forcast system to work properly on all browsers I have taken the system offline until I get it fixed. In it's place is a third party forecast which isn't anywhere near as accurate but it will give you a basic idea until the new one is rewritten and fixed.
02/04/03 Our user Jean mentioned that the Monthly and Yearly rain total's were reversed on the detailed weather page and that has been fixed now. Thanks Jean!

Version 3.0 of is currently being programmed. The new version is expected to be online this fall. Here are a few of the new features expected in the new version.

1. Add the ability of users to request any weather information for any date/time from the past to be displayed.
2. Add the ability to type in a Zip Code/City, State/City, Country to get weather information and reports from places other than the magic valley based on National Weather Service (NWS) reports.
3. Ultraviolet Radiation readings will be added using a scale and a numerical value for those of you who cannot be in the sun too long as well as several special reports based on this information for farmers/crops/ag use. This will also allow the Beaufort calculations to be done to tell you how hot it *FEELS* outside.
4. Hopefully a new weather station should be set up at the Pomerelle Ski Resort Lodge with webcam and snowfall info so this data can be added to our local weather data.
5. Current pollen/allergen info if I can get a local doctor to provide the information.
6. Current windrun information to tell you how much power you could have generated if you had a windmill/windturbine set up on your property.

All of these features are dependent on my workload of course since I do this in my spare time as a hobby and don't actually get paid to do it.

If there is a feature that your would like to see added please don't hesistate to email me your requests to:


Version 3.0 of is currently available for testing. There are many new features available. I will be adding things this winter as I get time.

To access it you can click on the "Weather Reports" link from the main menu to the left of the weather information.

12/01/05 Added brand new high resolution web camera with much quicker updating times. It's still not a live picture but with the fast updates (every 5 minutes) it's fairly close.
12/01/07 Updated all of the surrounding states winter (and summer) road conditions and report links.

With the new snowfall this past week I noticed that the Idaho Snow and Ski Report link was bad. This has been fixed.


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